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Home Departments Municipal Court. Municipal Court Responsibilities The Frisco Municipal Court has jurisdiction over class C misdemeanors and City Ordinance violations that occur within the corporate city limits and are punishable by fine only. Court Overview.

Deferred Disposition. Dismissal Requests. Take a look at the judicial hierarchy to understand how a case progresses through the legal system. Trial Courts- As the name suggests, these courts handle most civil and criminal cases in a given location.

Appellate Courts — They range from first circuit to eleventh circuit and the District of Columbia circuit. Federal Courts with Original Jurisdiction — They deal with matters like tax, international trade, patents, federal claims, foreign intelligence, bankruptcy, trademark and alien terrorist removal. The difference lies in the extent of information offered.

A criminal record would have details of the arrests, crimes committed and the jail sentences completed or being served. It would not have as much information on the court proceedings as the court records. Similarly, an arrest record will have a lot of details related to the number of times the suspect was arrested, arrest booking done at the time and the prisons the suspect was housed at. Again, this record will not have detailed information about the hearings or the evidence admitted or the judicial opinions.

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    How important is a court records search in Collin County, Texas

    On this page we have provided you with valuable information and resources to get you started on your Collin County warrant search. The Collin County court office in Texas maintains a current database of criminal activity and county records for the jurisdiction.

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    7. Collin County, TX Public Records.

    They manage all cases filed in the county courts at law including class A and class B misdemeanors, criminal cases, class C appeals and civil law suits. Or you can contact them by phone at Someone will direct you to the right department to access warrant and arrest records.

    How important is a court records search in Collin County, Texas

    You can also search on the Collin County government site for active warrants, inmates, and court cases. Here is a link to the Collin County Court directory should you need address and phone numbers or other information. Suite McKinney, TX Their phone number is If you are interested in district court files, visit the Collin County District Clerk's office which is in the same address as the Collin County courthouse.