How to find steam group id

Bora I'm assuming its just port I need in the firewall. That works as verified by connect and pingserver from my desktop L4D2 console.

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However, since my desktop is behind the same firewall as the server, it could be fw problem I'll see if I can find a better way to verify this works, though. Jul 18 '12 at Maybe my client has some funky region setting? I'll investigate NightHawk NightHawk 11 11 bronze badges. As a general note, I'm noticing you're posting a lot of answers.

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We prefer answers that show a higher level of quality than a regular forum. Try adding sources to your answers to back up your answer, and spend more effort to ensure your answers actually answer the question. This one, specifically, is a straight guess, so it doesn't actually answer the question. Nope, no hate. We just have a higher standard here than most of the internet. Just trying to nudge you in the right direction to being a valuable member of the community.

NightHawk You say "sound like my English teacher" as if it's a bad thing. Who said this question is clear? I didn't. I'm just pointing out that your answer is a sheer, straight up guess.

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  3. How do i find a steam groups ID?.
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  5. That doesn't qualify as an answer for us here at Arqade. The point of an answer is to solve the problem.

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    This doesn't do that. NightHawk If it starts with "try", it's a guess. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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    • Find and convert your steamID, steamID3, steamID64, customURL and community id.
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    Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Ok I tried this, didn't work: Code: [Select]. Though I usually don't just flat out write code for people Code: Lua. SetPlayerMember ply. ConsoleCommand "ulx adduserid".. Add "PlayerSpawn" ,.

    CommunityCheckStatus ply. Additionally, I'd strongly recommend ensuring those your checking aren't in another group but "user" first.

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    If not, you yourself will lose admin when you join. From Bytewave - line Code: [Select]. Thank you all! Once my servers done with maintenance i'll be sure to test this. No worries Bytewave. Can you run the command without the script?

    How to find a Steam Group ID

    That doesn't seem like a normal Gmod or ulx console error. Might be choking on the colon in the actual code? Whatever the reason, you might try; Code: [Select].