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Alice Ramsay. It is an index of published obituaries across the world. Regular contributors volunteers can request information about particular obituaries between themselves. Regular volunteers may request a particular copy from each other. For others, the index is an easy way to find a publication date of an obit. For instance, a Scout who has earned eight Palms forty merit badges would wear two silver Palms and a gold Palm.

Completed Palms can be awarded at the same time the Eagle Scout badge is presented. Previously, an Eagle Scout needed to wait three months between each Palm, even if the extra merit badges were earned before becoming an Eagle. This meant that, under the old rules, a youth who became an Eagle Scout at 17 years and 10 months, was unable to earn a single Eagle Palm. The Eagle Scout badge is worn on the left shirt pocket by youth.

It is usually only worn on ceremonial occasions, and can be worn by both youth and adults while wearing the badge or square knot. A variety of caps, belt buckles, pins, tie tacs , neckerchiefs and slides, bolo ties, rings, jackets, T-shirts and other items are also available for purchase. Since its introduction in , the Eagle Scout medal has undergone several design changes.

Changes to the scroll and to the eagle pendant were not always introduced at the same time, therefore types may be somewhat mixed. Scouting historians classify these medals by the five different manufacturers and then by 17 sub-types, with several minor variations. During the s and s, some military schools allowed wearing of the Eagle Scout medal on the uniform.

In order to conform to the medal system, the scroll was removed and the ribbon affixed to a standard ribbon bar. Foley made the first medals from until they went out of business in Early versions were made with a short double knot and later ones with a long double knot. Only of these medals were issued, making them the rarest version. Some Foleys were issued with a drop ribbon: the ribbon was extended, folded through the bar mount on the scroll, then dropped behind the eagle pendant and cut in a swallowtail.

There were 1, of this variety awarded, all made of sterling silver. In , the Robbins Company took over production. They produced six distinct variants, all in sterling silver. The second version has more distinctive feathering on the back side of the pendant. The engraving on the version is especially fine. In the obverse of the eagle pendant was made flat so it could be engraved. BSA was added back to the front and the reverse was returned to a full feathered design in The version is very similar to the Robbins version, but the bend in the scroll is much flatter, more like a sideways V as compared to the S on the Robbins scroll.

The BSA was added back to the front, and the obverse was returned to a full feathered design in A major re-design of the eagle pendant was made in to match the new NESA logo. In , Robbins ceased manufacturing Eagle Scout medals and Stange switched to the last design used by Robbins. Minor differences are in the white edged ribbon and the sterling silver markings. In the price of silver rose dramatically and the medal was changed to silver-plated, die-struck copper.

Very early versions were silver-plated and oxidized, thus the scroll and pendant are black.

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Later versions were oxidized, buffed and lacquered to maintain the silver shine. Sterling silver medals were produced from the same dies and from this time were only available on special order. The year saw a number of changes. The clasp on the scroll was changed from the pin on type to a double clutch back.

The pendant was changed to pewter and enlarged due to the lighter rigidity of the material. The initial versions were based on the last Stange version but with the ribbon attached through the clutch pins instead of a bar this led to damage of the ribbon.

A small number of sterling silver versions were made, marked with In later , the dies were laser engraved, giving a much sharper look and the ribbon mount was improved to eliminate wear. The knot went from wire to a molded version in These medals were designed to be proportionate to other military medals: they contained the same pendant, but no scroll, and a ribbon that had been made thinner and more rectangular in shape. However, in December , NESA stopped selling the mini-medal after service uniforming committees all contacted the BSA and asked them to stop promoting the medal for wear on military dress uniforms.

The Eagle Scout medal is not authorized for wear on any U. Since its introduction, the Eagle Scout badge has undergone several design changes. Scouting historians have classified these badges into nine different designs, with several minor variations within each type. The cloth badge was introduced for Eagle Scouts attending the 2nd World Scout Jamboree in Denmark in with a design based on the hat pin. The Eagle Scout merit badge was sewn onto the top of the merit badge sash that was also created for the jamboree. The design is quite similar to the current badge.

As with other patches of the time, the rank badges were embroidered onto rolls of fabric and then cut. The edges were folded under before sewing the badge onto the sash. Initially produced on tan cloth, it was later switched to olive for the Scouts BSA uniform and white and blue to match the various Sea Scout uniforms. These badges were embroidered with silk thread, switching to cotton in The production of badges and emblems changed in to the rolled edge now in current use, thus eliminating the various colored backgrounds.

The outside oval was then changed to red. With the introduction of the Improved Scouting Program in came an overhaul of many badges and emblems. The new stylized Eagle Scout badge with no text was a major change that proved to be unpopular.

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It appears that some Scouters commissioned reproductions of the badge for issue in place of the version. In the badge design partially reverted to the version. The border and the eagle were done in silver metalized thread and the Be Prepared text was in blue. In the metalized eagle changed back to standard thread due to problems with wearing and the scroll and text were enlarged. The metalized border was changed to standard thread in Later variants increased the thread count of the white stripe to eliminate the visible background.

For the centennial , all of the rank badges had added to the text. To recognize the Eagle Scout centennial in , a new version was released with Eagle Scout and Centennial in silver and with and in gold. Eagle Scout hat pins were produced from through with several variations. Adults who had earned Eagle Scout began to be recognized in with a red, white and blue ribbon bar.

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In , a small eagle pin was added to the bar. Ribbon bars were replaced by embroidered square knot patches in Although the Venturing and Sea Scout programs use different uniform shirts, the current knot is available only with a tan background that matches the Scouts BSA uniform. The Eagle Scout Mentor pin was introduced in early in a gold-colored version.

In early it was changed to a silver-colored antique finish to match the mother and father pins but in was changed back to gold-colored. Wallet-size cards were introduced in and switched to a plastic credit card style in Certificates suitable for framing were first issued in As the honorary president of the BSA, the signature of the President of the United States appears on all certificates. Eagle Scouts are expected to set an example for other Scouts and to become the leaders in life that they have demonstrated themselves to be in Scouting.

They are disproportionately represented in the military, service academy graduates, in higher education and academia, major professions, the clergy, business and politics. Academic scholarships can be awarded to Eagle Scouts based upon academic, financial need and Scouting participation. Scholarships vary in the amount awarded.

The list of Eagle Scouts is extensive.