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Divorces are filed with the District Clerk. I need to pay my taxes. Taxes are paid in the Tax Assessor-Collector's Office.

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Do you have online access to your records? Please continue to be careful and stay safe. Phil Diamond, CPA. Orange County Comptroller.

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However, if you are transferring title to a parent or child, to a revocable trust or business entity owned by you, or as a result of a divorce settlement, a quitclaim deed is the proper form to use. Fill in the name of the person who currently owns the property and the name of the person or entity that the property is being transferred to. Write the city where the property is located and put "Orange" on the county line.

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Give a legal description of the real estate, as found on your property tax notice. Sign and date the document in front of a notary and have it notarized as a formal deed.

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Only the person or persons releasing their ownership need to sign the deed. The one receiving the property does not. Call for directions or more information.