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Click Show Details to view and verify transmission and reception statistics for each ethernet port on the appliance.


The hostname field does not need to meet any technical requirements. It does not affect what hostname client software or remote users connect to. If the hostname attempted by the client software needs to change, notify BeyondTrust Technical Support of the needed changes so that Support can build a software update. The hostname field exists primarily to help you distinguish between multiple Secure Remote Access Appliance s. It is also used as the local server identifier when making SMTP connections to send email alerts.

TCP/IP Ports and Sockets Explained

In this case, the configured hostname might have to match the reverse-DNS lookup of the appliance's IP address. Assign a default gateway, selecting which ethernet port to use. For more information about OpenDNS, visit www. Allow your appliance to respond to pings if you wish to be able to test if the host is functioning.

The opposite is also true: connections made to invalid ports are rejected even if such connections satisfy network restrictions. The Server Listen Ports section allows you to configure ports for the appliance to listen on. Each port may appear only once in any field, and it may appear in only one field, not both.

You cannot change the built-in listen ports 80 and except by contacting BeyondTrust Support and updating the appliance. To access the appliance on a given port using a browser requires that you enter the port in the URL of the browser e. To change them, you must contact BeyondTrust Support and have a new update built for your appliance. Once installed, the update sets the Attempt ports as specified by BeyondTrust Support in the parameters of the update. Default URL Ports are used when generating URLs that point back to the appliance, such as session keys generated from the representative console.

When the default ports are blocked on the network or can be expected to fail for any other reason , you can change the default URL ports to have generated URLs spawn with the ports that you specify. Whatever ports you enter should also be listed in the Server Listen Ports ; otherwise, the default ports are not connected. Unlike the listen port fields, you cannot enter more than one port in either of the URL port fields.

You cannot enter the same port in both fields.

How to find your IP address and computer/host name

When adding or editing an IP address, choose whether that IP should be enabled or disabled. Select the network port on which you would like this IP to function.

The IP Address field sets an address to which your appliance can respond, while Subnet Mask enables BeyondTrust to communicate with other devices. When editing an IP address that is on the same subnet as another IP address for this appliance, choose if this IP address should be Primary. When this box is checked, the appliance designates this IP address to be the primary or originating IP address for the subnet.

This helps, for example, to ensure that any network traffic originating from the appliance on that subnet matches and complies with defined firewall rules. From Access Type , you can restrict access over this IP to the public site or customer client. Use Allow Both to allow access for both the public site and customer client.

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These settings change the menu options of the telnet server that is available only on this private IP and that can be used in emergency recovery situations. You can use the Ethernet network to access, configure, and monitor the receiver.

No serial cable connection to the receiver is required. The default setting for the HTTP port is The HTTP port is not assigned by the network. HTTP port 80 is the standard port for web servers.

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This allows you to connect to the receiver by entering only the IP address of the receiver in a web browser. If the receiver is set up to use a port other than 80, you will need to enter the IP address followed by the port number in a web browser. The default setting of the receiver is DHCP enabled. To verify the IP address, press on the keypad when the Home screen is displayed. The Ethernet IP address appears.

How to assign multiple IP addresses to a single Ethernet port or NIC of a PC